May 9, 2009

To Share : I am the miracle.

Hola…. It’s been a century not posting something here… well… *sok sibuk mode on*,, kinda have those hectic days ^^,, anyway.. in the middle of my hecticness ….i’m trying to put what’s hitting my mind lately… these days..

Kyaaaaa… I’m 24 now,, since las may 4th,, never thought I’d be so great to be a 24-year-old lady.. hohoho,, thx loads for those whom b’dayd me ^^,, makasi buat doa2 n wishesnya ya…. ^^ you’re the reason I survive and still able to reach my 24 life ^^
Ga tau knp… akhir2 ini gwe ngrasa that Allah knows me very well… *yaeyalah..He’s the creator gituh.. heheh*,

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