May 9, 2009

To Share : I am the miracle.

Hola…. It’s been a century not posting something here… well… *sok sibuk mode on*,, kinda have those hectic days ^^,, anyway.. in the middle of my hecticness ….i’m trying to put what’s hitting my mind lately… these days..

Kyaaaaa… I’m 24 now,, since las may 4th,, never thought I’d be so great to be a 24-year-old lady.. hohoho,, thx loads for those whom b’dayd me ^^,, makasi buat doa2 n wishesnya ya…. ^^ you’re the reason I survive and still able to reach my 24 life ^^
Ga tau knp… akhir2 ini gwe ngrasa that Allah knows me very well… *yaeyalah..He’s the creator gituh.. heheh*,

 by mean,, akhir2 ini gwe ngrasa my life’s blessed (which doesn’t mean my prev was not hehehe)… ya… I mean,, ketika menjelang detik2 menuju ke that day “24” ,, I’ve been ngeluhing…. Murmuring, murmuring, emosian, stressful, tertekan… bla…bla…bla…et cetera yang jelek2 lah…. But when I stepped to that day of my 24,, entah knp brasa angels are around me (cass… would you be?? Hehehe :P),, I feel those miracles again n seems it never stops…. The blesses, the excitement, the whole-marvelous-happy things, they don’t stop coming at me…. ^^ Thx ya Allah… for all …

Ga tau.. bawaannya pen thanking Him mulu…. I think your gifts are too much for someone like me ,, bukannya ga mo b ersyukur ya… but i’m afraid something horrible are waiting for me if I’m drown into these gifts… but anyway….i enjoy it… and again.. Thank ya Allah…. ^^

I know I deserve it anyway…. Maybe it’s their prayer for me ^^,, makasih ya… for whoever who’s have been praying for me ^^

Hhhhh…. I guess I’ll keep enjoying these gifts before they’re truly gone…. Heheheh :P I’m dreaming still… hehehe

Mo sharing n mamer dikit aaaahhh…. That’s what this blog used for ahahaha…
“him”…. My bestest gift, the punch line of these miracles n that Great One who could only gave me that.. again.. makasi ya Allah…. ^^

Ternyata,, kmaren2 emang gwe nya kurang sabar waiting for those miracles… masih inget waktu gwe mohon…please… send me Your miracles again.. where are they…. And here they go…. My miracles.. and happen again… n yeah… again.. Thx Allah for making me not losing faith on You and those miracle things ^^

Sampe mana tadi mamernya??... Ahh… “him”,, yeah si him…. Never could I pick the right words to tell what I feel about this gift,, it’s like I’m singing “High”-nya james blunt.. yeah.. that’s what I feel… just wanna say *though I know “him” won’t read this* …

“Thx ya “him”… never could I have courage to think you would’ve remembered my birthday, but there was a news… that you’d been looking for me, trying to reach my cell,, I might not know the situation you were through,, I bet you weren’t acting like I would be if I were you,, but it’s too happy for me just to picture how you looked for me… ^^

 thx yah… for letting me have that picture of you-who-were-looking-for-me,, that time jadi pen nyanyi “I could not ask for more”-nya Edwin mccaine hehehe :P, thx loads prince for those things you acted and treat me differently than before… guess and hopefully there’s something great-great-about-you waiting for me…. Can’t wait for His’s another miracle hehehe , again.. makasi ya Allah.. for that i-thank-god-I’m-alive moment ^^

Ha..udah ah mamernya,, terlalu banyak lagu yg pen gwe nyanyiin *knp brasa kek pelem india ya… hihihi*

Well.. udah dulu ah.. just wanna sharing my happiness of being in 24 age ^^,, last words… Buubbyyee…

“now baby…
I know I don’t deserve the love you gave me
But now I understand that…
If you want me, I must be doing something’s right” – something’s right by Westlife

Quote of that day :

“if you’re gonna have faith, you shouldn’t have it when miracles happen, but have it when they don’t” – Layla to Dean (supernatural season 2 – faith)


  1. mo ngomen kok ada tulisan content encoding error...jd bertanya2 (????)
    anyway hepi burtdei again
    thx for d treat ^^
    hope all your wish to have "him" as ur hubby-"the engineering boy" as ur another man(halah!!!)-and Sam Winchester as ur spouse in case you're separated with the "him"

    ahahahahaha...what kind of wish is that?!?!?!
    overall..hope God bless you always,
    cos you know..God loves you

  2. hey hey hey ...

    24 finds you
    n 24 miracles would come to you.

    Do you count it? It's been 24 blessing would raise to you.

    Thx for the karaoke, and I am curious bout that "him", Who's that? Any other guy except "engineering" boy? Please tell me, I dun wanna die as curious ghost (bener gak sih ini englishnya hantu penasaran?)

  3. @rizka : a massively huge and big amiiin for those wishes hihihi ^^

    @Eriek : that "him", someone in the past,, the unreachable ^^ just someone i believe to put my love into ^^
    arwah penasaran : poltergeist keknya... dudul2... ^^

    @both of you : thankz yaaaa guysss ^^ i know how much you both love meh hehehe :P

  4. hmm.... kok aku ga kecipratan ya... T_T
    english campur bs indo berasa cinta laura ly... kekekekekek
    eh, ngopi supernaturalnya dong?