December 3, 2009

Bucket List : Bisa ga yaaa one or two years later gwe di sana?


"Pengeennn ke situuhh *puppyeyesngiler2gemes2*"

Pagi2... dunno why mood gwe to accomplish the mission of making dreams come true lagi semangat semangatnya ^^. Sempet ge cari tau kenapa... ga nemu,, just pop up again, apa karena gwe kangen sama all those silly dreams plan yaaa ^^

whatever... mumpun gy semangat nyari info2 lagi hehehe :P iseng cari2 info lagi,, about all preparation to go there   and esp there. hehehehe :D

trus nemu nih blog, bikin nambah gregeeettt pen buru2 si tabungan terkumpul trus i finally fly there ^^ , just can't wait for these 10 years of waiting to come true *widegrin*

UK... a dream country for me, tough ada sebagain orang yang bilang... ga jauh indah ma Indonesia kok, or biasa aja kok, or tempat2nya biasa aja kok.... i don't care, it will always be my dream destination ^^

10 things why i become anglophile :

1. Its gothic and victorian architectures
2. Its rich history which influenced almost half of the world's
3. Its people divine's accent
4. Its castles, countryside
5. Its Nobility hierachy
6. Its huge-portion of breakfast
7. Its Mistycal places and stories
8. Its boys hehehehe XD
9. Its premiere league
10. Its where most of boybands come from grakgrakrgakrgak XD

Hhh.. udah ahhh... cuman pen naro these spirit and thought aja here.... ^^

UK... somehow i'll put my feet on your ground ^^

Kiss Bloody ye later :*


  1. salah satunya >.<

    ketemu sikembar, ron, lampard, terry, joe cole, lee ryan, grakgrkargka ^^