December 11, 2009

To Share : The movie - a life less ordinary

a drama comedy movie starred Cameron Diaz and Ewan mcgregor

Woman : So you're telling me that successful relationships are made in heaven, not founded on the daily practicality of two people being prepared to tolerate the imperfections of one another?

Man : It's not a successful relationship, it's love. And it comes from a stranger in wonderful place that we don't know about.

Woman : so you also reject the idea that love is merely an emotional adaptation to physical necessity?

Man : Completely

Woman : Are you serious?

Man : Fate intervenes in people's lives

Woman : In our for instance

Man : Fate brought us together,  it kept us together. we were destined for one another

Woman : Fate had a pretty strange way of making its point

Man : But that's part of the beauty of it. It's inexplicable, unpredictable and absolutely beyond control or understanding.

Woman : But you nearly got killed

Man : but i didn't and here we are

Woman : So you have any substantial evidences to back all this?

Man : Not at all

Woman : And do you realize that it's absurd and irrational?

Man : i do

Woman : Then why do you believe it?

Man : Because i'm a dreamer

"Ameratus pathum laborium"

taken from : A life less ordinary (1997 - ewan mcgregor as Robert, and cameron diaz as Celine)

one of drama-yet-fiction-yet-action-yet-comedy movie i'd love to watch again and again... ^^

just loving that scottish-gaelic accent ;9


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