December 7, 2009

To Keep : Stranger in Grey!

 ini sebenernya mo crita... tp maluuuww... sekata-sekata aja aahhh grakgrakrgakrgak ^^ *gapenting.comjuga*

*Totally wet, hard rain, on the road with roofless, feeling “grey”…*
I turned on once…
He did
I turned on twice
He did .. again

Thought I’d know him
I turned on for the third
He did… laughed this time
*blushing to the death*

Was it me he’s meant to get connected to?
Was is all just my own mind playing trick on me?
It was raining anyway… show’s over…
Me, keep struggling on the road in the heavier rain
He passed right by me
“damn it’s rain, and you look good!!”

He turned away and left..
Me paralyzing there, confusing yet happy yet flattered ^^
That weird situation with the stranger in grey ^^

Grkagrakgrakgrak si elly GeEr.. whoever you were… grakgrakgrakgrak n in case I wasn’t hallucinating and he wasn't kicerrrr, thank you at least for making me feel worthy enough… at the times I was feeling unwanted ^o^
Bye by stranger…. Cye in another life ^^


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