January 12, 2010

To Share : Kuis-kuisan doubutsu uranai

Dikasih link sama Mba luk ^^ ngisi waktu gegejean ikutan kuis2 personality gitu deh... berdasarkan tanggal lahir.. i don't know if it works for you or not, but for me and mba luk n hasil analisis kita berdua ke orang2 yang kita kenal n kita coba dikuis ini,, hihihi.. kinda precise this quiz is hehehe ^^ wanna try?? find your character here

This is my result :



the monkey

You are Purple Monkey who is a straight forward, cheerful and honest person.

You are not very emotional, but work hard and have been smart enough to do errands around home from early ages.

You are clever with your hands too.

You give an impression of being unpretentious, and you are rather short tempered who would carry out everything by yourself.

You set your goal too high, and sometimes experience frustrations in trying to achieve it.

You like to take care of people and are kind and generous person.

You can not walk pass someone who is in trouble.

You take great care of your family and those who are working under you, and your attitude may be seen as too much interference.

You will not be influenced by emotions, and you can make rational and modern decisions.

Your career will not be affected.

You tend to be rather cautious, and sometimes show unnecessary competitiveness.

This may cause friction in your personal relationship.

If you carry things actively on your own, you may suffer hardships.

You should lay back and let the time resolve things.

Your weakness lies in lack of planning.

You can show perseverance, so you should forecast the future before putting into action.

After getting married, you will carryout housework perfectly, and will be a good wife and a mother.

You can make sound decisions.

Hmm... kata mba luk sih... ely banget grakgrakgrakrgak =)) *narsis akut mode on*

have your Quiz and share the result with me, will ye ^^


  1. eh.... monkey...
    nyet-elly, pa kabar neng?

  2. mba din, niat komen gag sih?? >.< gkragrkagrkagrak

    hsil mu op mba din?

  3. capo ely nyet pho....
    hmmmm hmmmm, ikannya laku brapa?

  4. pinkih ely tidak mengerti dengan maksud si komenanmu >.< jadi bingung juga mo ngomen apa??