February 4, 2010

Share Lagu : BEP - Where is the LOVE?

*inspired by this guy*

I don't surely know what made me starting to listing those songs on my playlist... the black eyed peas - where is the love, John lennon - imagine, All artists - come together, all stars tributes- what's going on, bravo all stars - Let the music heals your soul, and lee ryan - stand up as people,

 it's just feeling very calming and got me thinking all the differences are good and beautiful. I mean.... could you possible imagine if we were just living as one?? same religion, same race, same belief? the world would be soooo... plain... flat... the word "world" wouldn't even fit in ^^. and feel so not alive.... so why would we live for?

Spiritually, it got me thinking.. that this greatest thing we call God could possibly put these differences , even the belief of Him, in order just to make this world alive and has the story. And all those bad milestones happened to this world history were done for good. I mean, God... without some of hatred, lusts, envies, we might wouldn't know what love is. 

The messages i try to deliver here is that... it's just kinda hurt me when i still found some people put a lot of bad prejudices against each religions, race or whatever causes every each of its member started to think that, theirs is better than the others, or whatever they call to be the most perfect colony. 

I'm talking about some gang fight, nor war between races or anything too big to think. I'm talking here in our little surroundings. I'm not a saint, nor peace keeper. Through this writing i just want to join the other peace-wisher to spread the word called "love". When we're starting to think that we are better and more special than the other... just stop yourself from being that ^^. 

Spiritually, it's not about the religion that matter, but it's about how we believe... we believe the same great thing , GOD ^^. 

so let's spread the Love, pals ^^ 

But if you only have love for your own race
Then you only leave space to discriminate
And to discriminate only generates hate
And when you hate then you're bound to get irate, yeah

Madness is what you demonstrate
And that's exactly how anger works and operates (BEP feat Justin - Where is the love)

Dealing with these modern day problems
'Cause of ignorance surrounding me and my constituents
Too many infected
Too many lives diminishing
Nobody say Protestants, Jews, Blacks, and Whites, Latinos and Asians
Pray together
Less fight

We better unite
As genocide chemical war
And the rich and the poor
Know that God delivers a cure (what's going on - All stars tribute)

You can make a difference, got to start today
Seen hopes and dreams get washed away
Never stop the faith

Just when it seems that all your hope is gone
And pain is all that you can feel
When there's no place for you to run or hide
Just remember this one thing
There's always someone there for you
Who really feels for you and cares (All artists - Come together now)

When are we gonna stand up as people
Realize that as people we're all equal
We don't want no world war sequel
For the love of god think of the people (Lee Ryan - Stand up as people)

P/S : just love each other ^^ kalu ada yang punya info lembaga social or thing,, i need some info ya ^^


  1. bravo all stars - Let the music heals your soul....
    hihihi.... ini kan lagu jadul ituu... :D

  2. ihihi iyaa... abis liat videonya trus liat video yang come together ya.. itu kan ada si aaron carter tuh 22nya.. sumpah bedaaa banget grakgrkag ^^ brasa jadi pedofil liat yang dibravo all star ;9