February 2, 2010

To Keep : @magicaelly #dearsomeone ..

Dear beautiful dawn,

Heyyy there... how are ye?? how's the life of you? does everything stay the same? what about you? any single thing of you changed? i hope there ain't ^^. been a century, eh?? i was thinking to hit ye some lines yesterday.. then i realized, i might not do that ^^ you're hers ^^.  silly i know, for it was just all my thought... and i have no business with ye both, i just... didn't think it would be the right much less appropriate thing for me to do ^^, though i was dying to t_t.

That's it.. just wanna post something n tell ye the thing you might won't know hihihi XD that i have this suddenly missing thing for ye ^^ 

Have a nice life, om ^^

-High by James blunt-

p/s : can i still sing this verse ...?

"Sometimes.. it's hard to believe you remember me..."

do you??


  1. kemaren gak dinyanyiin ya? :D
    ly, suruh dia nyanyiin gih yg you're beautiful itu! kali aja dia mau :D tapi aku ga jamin kamu dah di bumi atau gak, soalnya pasti kamu udah melambung tinggi terbang entah kemana =P

  2. and "dia" refers to?? jangan bilang si nenek sihir?? >.< ini bukan buat diaaaaa :(( *nangiskejer*

  3. aq tahu about sapa hihihi

  4. heheh :D sudahlah... ini ely lagi mellowkiti mode on kok... udah sembuh lagi now ^^ hihiyy.. move onnn ^^