February 18, 2010

To Share : World Silent Day campaign

Nerusin eco-campaign, yang ternyata gwe baru tau... thx to mba luk n herny ^^, aku menemukan wadah yang at least i could do a very lil thing for the world to be the eco-world ^^

go to this official World Silent Day campaign web for more and spread the love ^^ 

"World Silent Day is a community campaign to help tackle climate change through traditional wisdom.

One of the Indonesia’s traditional wisdom heritage is Trihitakarana philosophy from Bali that governs a harmonious relationship between human being with God, human being with another human being, and human being with nature; this can be a basis for sustainable development. O one of the practical implementations of Trihitakarana is the Nyepi or Silent Day conducted for 24 hours in Bali during the Saka New Year...... " (taken from the official site)

support the campaign and you've one step closer to make the world worth living and another form of gratitude for the Almighty ^^

Peace and Love ^^

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." - Mae West


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