August 27, 2010

Coffee Thought : Will the pattern show?

Ola... ;) a very early posting, eh :D just kinda in the mood to share some rewards i had this morning ..

it's all the celestial work...

see i don't know whether it's just me or all of you felt this anyway too. That damn so right crazy happy morning i had this morning, which was a few moments ago. I know it might sound like it was just in my imaginary world only, but heeyy... don't you feel His blesses are everywhere?

see the sky is so damn beautifully clear, and the clouds? Jeezz.... it's the most exalted creations ever. am i hallucinating? well say what you say ;p. even when i passed cross those three horses statues at the intersection on my way to the office.... i felt like they even alive and smile at me. Am i being crazy? who cares ;) and the very best  bless i felt was that when i ride that motorcycle taxi (the taxi driver actually drive it ;p), i felt like i'm on a unicorn or something. Hahahaha i know i'm being ridiculously hilarious this morning. But anyway... that's just what i felt.

And i take that super unbelievably crazy happy morning miracle as my reward for my yesterday-gloomy-jerked day ;) Astagfirullah!
See i've always found this pattern of how destiny and the exalted Allah's plan for me. When it's started with the situation where i felt like couldn't take what destiny gave me, for the world suddenly all against me, for i felt like the most jerked-out unlucky human being, for the unfair i had, and most of all for started thinking being tired of waiting and almost lost patience,.... it'd always be the beautiful surprises i'd take as my rewards. And it's always the pattern.

well that's the morning bless i'd just like to share... may this share-writing become a bless for somebody out there ;) Amiin.

all i want to say is just... when you're being in a very terrible situation, and you think you don't even deserve it and you think the world is being rude to you and you think God's being unfair to you... don't worry... the pattern is always the same... all those jerked-things are just one of the way to get your rewards.. ;) strange it is..  but that's how celestial work doing!

Happy friday dear friends....!

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  1. baru sadarrrr.... knp jadi nginglish gini -_-" kalu lagi lebai emang suka ginih >_<