November 12, 2012

a Happy rain!

Guess the rainy season has started :)

Not in the small town i'm living though.

So why we're becoming more serious when it's raining? Why people becoming more sensitive and get so mellow when it's pouring down? what's with the rain and the feeling.

Some say we should be happy when it's raining, though the fact tells that happier thought is rare when it's raining.

 You are a special if you get a lot excited and jump around when the rain strikes.
 Not to mention dancing in the rain, yeah that scene only exists when we were a kid or in the movie.

Instead of jumping around dancing in the rain, we prefer to keep ourselves safe.

You carry the umbrella,
You run looking for a roof so you won't get wet.
Tell me if you're happy about it.
 we don't avoid happiness.

Well maybe a happy rain is only for kids and those in-love-characters in a movie.

To us some of us whom maybe is having this maturity-process, facing reality as a grown-up human being , rain is just a gift the universe give for us to have a break.
From all those humanly stressed- tiring activities.

Maybe it's why some people say that one of the best time for a prayer to be answered is when it's raining.

Because when it's raining, there's this undescribable feeling that put us to rely on some hopes.

so rain.... thank you ^^


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